Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Look Inside My Random Thoughts Part III

Lemon lime glucola. Better than orange, but still disgusting. I feel like a kid on Halloween after eating too much candy. I want to go for a walk to lower my blood sugar so I can pass this damn test, but unfortunately I can't leave the waiting room and it's not big enough to do a few laps in. So I guess I just have to hope and pray, which I'm doing a lot of. I really don't want to deal with these nutritionalists...
Boy, am I hungry. A stick of string cheese and 32 oz. of water really isn't a very satisfying breakfast. Could be worse...
I hope I make it back home in time to go along with my son to karate!
I still need to make a covered dish for my family reunion today. I want to make my grandmother's punch bowl dessert, but I always end up crying because it's not the same. Oh, how I miss her. I wish she were here to meet her great grandchildren. To spoil them with every treasure they find at all the yard sales and teach them how to play bingo and show them how to bake cookies and make funnel cake... 
Mmmm... nope, nevermind. I want nothing to do with anything made with sugar or carbs right now. The thought alone... ewe. This glucola makes it hard to think of anything else.
Walkin' on walkin' on broken glass!
I still have to get that window fixed. Oh, and that window... good times.
Thirty three minutes until I can get pricked and be on my way. Oh! Thirty two! Even better!
Thirty two. That's how many teeth were on the gear of the part for the window that I can't roll down. I've had some luck with car windows! I know the windows in my Mustang worked properly because my passengers had to climb through the window to get in. Ahhh, I miss that car. 
And my LeBaron. That window was a pain in the ass. And the loud exhaust... or lack of. But it was a convertible! Perfect for cool summer nights and crisp fall days. I miss that car, too...
This place is jumping! Lots of people getting blood drawn. And at least one other person has to drink that liquid nastiness. The taste I can deal with, but My Lanta, how horribly it makes me feel... yuck.
I just want to go home and eat toast and go back to sleep for a little while. 
Hey! That women's belly is as big as mine and she's due the same time I am! I wonder if people remind her a thousand times a day how "big" she is. "You're never going to make it to October." "Are you sure there aren't twins in there?" "I think they got your date wrong."
I think you're rude. That's what I think. Why do people think that seeing a pregnant woman gives them the right to comment on her weight and size?
I found out I was pregnant with my third child when my second was only three months old. I didn't lose any baby weight in between in case it's any of your business. Oh, and if you're really interested, again, because my son was only three months old when I found out I was expecting baby number three, I am 100 percent positive that my due date is not wrong.
I wonder when she'll be born. Early I'm sure, but I also tend to jinx things. My luck she'll stay in that cozy little home until I'm 43 weeks along or something crazy. Nah, the doctor will probably tell me she's huge like they said Noah was. Ha! He arrived and weighed less than they thought he had three weeks prior. Good thing. I was scared I was going to be delivering a 10 lb. baby. Better to think big in the long run!
Wow, that kid is loud. Makes me feel better about Sebastian's craziness in public. Generally he's pretty good, but he is a five year old boy with a lot of energy! Come to think of it, he did yell pretty loudly last time he was here with me. But he was saying thank you so at least he was using his manners!
Soooo sleepy! It's like drinking a crappy energy drink and crashing a half an hour later. Ooh! Only 15 minutes left!
I think I'll go to the bathroom and do some jumping jacks or something. Maybe that will do the trick. I really don't want to do the three-hour test. THAT is a real pain!
Well, I'm off to get pricked! Hey, now that I think of it... they never tested my sugar to begin with to make sure it wasn't too high or low for me to do the test in the first place! Good times.

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