Thursday, February 23, 2017

We Have a Home!

We have a home!! As of February 27th, my family will be living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina! It has been a long and bumpy ride--and it isn't over yet!--but we are so grateful for the people who have made this possible for us.
After the first house we had lined up fell through, I filled out a rental application through a realtor, whom I called and explained our situation. My sister-in-law drove me and my husband to the realtor's office yesterday, where we learned that FIVE other people filled out applications for the same property that morning! We needed to kick it into high gear.
Our realtor, Kellie, needed to speak with our current landlord to confirm our information, and the home would be ours. The only problem was, she couldn't get in touch with either of the landlords; brothers who also own a restaurant and a landscaping company, and are usually too busy to answer their phones right away.
If any of the five applicants were approved to rent the property, it would be promised to whomever delivered the security deposit to the realtor first. The clock was ticking.
My husband, Kevin, called both brothers and was successful at getting in touch with one of them! Kellie spoke to him, but unfortunately, he was unable to confirm our information at the time, as his business manager takes care of everything. He said he'd call Kellie first thing in the morning with our information. Needless to say, I was stressing. We needed this place and we were running on empty.
At 9am today, Kellie called Kevin. She had yet to hear from our landlord. So, I went right to the source. I called the business manager, explained our predicament, and she ensured us that she would call Kellie right away. Thankfully, she did. At 10:30am, our application was approved! But, we still had to deliver the security deposit before any other applicants had the chance to do so.
I was ready to go, but Kevin "needed" to wash his grandfather's van. So I waited... and waited.
We finally arrived at the realty office two hours later to pay our deposit. It turns out, another application had just been approved, but Kellie hadn't informed them yet because she was busy with other phone calls and paperwork. The house was ours!
I firmly belive that everything happens for a reason. Things didn't work out with the first property because it wasn't meant to be. It was frustrating and disappointing, but in the end, everything worked out, and we'll be moving into a cute little home on Monday.
Check back in the coming days to continue following us on this exciting journey!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Aint Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat!

So our journey to North Carolina is beginning! And what kind of journey would it be without starting off with a huge road block?
Kevin and I found a house, close to his grandparents' home and just a half an hour from his new job. My sister-in-law, Tina, gave us a tour of the home via FB Messenger on Monday and we spoke to the owner afterward, who said the house was ours! All we had to do was send the security deposit to Tina on Friday, who would then have a paper signed by the owner stating the deposit was received and we would move in on Monday, February 28th.
Friday came and Kevin called the owner, who proceeded to tell him that the home had been rented to someone else, "but I have plenty of mobile homes available for rent."
Are you kidding me?! Needles to say we are nothing short of outraged. A mobile home will not suffice for our family of five, but even if it would, there is no way I would ever rent a home from this poor excuse for a man.
So here we are, a week before our moving date, without a house. Over the course of this next week, we must finish packing, make a quick two-day trip to North Carolina to hopefully find and secure a home, obtain a salvaged title for Kevin's truck so we're able to drive it to NC, host our going-away get-together on Saturday night, pack the moving truck on Sunday, and leave for NC on Monday morning. Is this even possible?!
So here I am, so stressed out and worried that I'm not even sure where to begin. All I really want to do is sip a glass of wine while soaking in a bubble bath. Unfortunately, "Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!"
Follow our journey to NC here at 56 Sarah Street, and hopefully the next post will be full of good news rather than additional road blocks and detours! And if any of you are so inclined to help us pack and load the moving truck, you will not have to ask us twice! ;)