Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Animals Scare You?

Random writing prompt: What animals scare you and why?
Hmmm... The first thing that comes to mind are jellyfish. But really the fear is any type of water that I can't see clearly in. But I'll try to keep this simple and stick to animals or else I'll start going on and on about fearing the unknown.
So. Jellyfish, because who enjoys being stung by a jellyfish? And crabs, and sea urchins, and sharks, and all of those creatures who could hurt me when I step onto their front porch!
And tics (do they count as an animal?)! Those little S.O.B.s scare me because you never know they're on you until they have their tiny little heads embedded in your body, sucking your blood and replacing it with Lyme disease!
There are other animals that I would fear if I were put in a position to be afraid, but there aren't any I can think of that I wouldn't approach at a safe distance, in a safe environment if given the opportunity. Hell, I love picking up horseshoe crabs for my son to admire when my family goes to the bay, but throw me in the water with one and I have a mini panic attack until I'm a safe distance away. So I guess it really does go back to the water and not the animals themselves, per say... throw me in the water, without a boat, and I'm helpless. It could be a freshwater lake and I will still be positive that I'm going to be eaten alive by some bottom dwelling monster. But stick me in a boat out at sea and I will HOPE Jaws swims by for me to catch a glimpse of!
I've already approached snakes without a second thought so I could grab a photo, and just last week I rescued a snapping turtle from certain death. But again, wouldn't want to be in the water with one!
I'd love to go on a safari and see lions and hippos (who kill way more people every year than sharks do!), take a boat through the Everglades and see alligators and crocodiles... But surprise! Wouldn't want to knock on their front door without a boat!
I remember swimming in a slate quarry with friends as a teenager and I absolutely panicked as soon as I jumped in (which took me a very long time to do). I couldnt see the bottom and certainly couldn't touch bottom without diving gear and oxygen. Chances of me being attacked by a sea creature there were... well, impossible. But I couldn't see. Peace out, cub scout! That was the last time I ever swam in a quarry.
I do continue to venture to the beach on occasion, but usually we just make a quick splash for a few minutes or so before spending the day at the bay, where I can see through the water more easily and worry much less about getting stung or pinched or eaten!
Well, I guess I didn't really stick to animals since I kept coming back to deep, dark and murky waters, but that's what I'm truly scared of, I suppose! So, what animals scare you and why? Or, if you're like me, what animal habitat scares you?

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