Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Crazy Dream

I'm unfolding each of my teeth. As they unfold, layer by layer, their tentacles start to drop lower and lower until each tooth has become a bloody octopus, hanging from my gums. Their red and blue tentacles wriggle inside my mouth as I stare into the mirror and blood drips into the sink.
I turn on the faucet and form a bowl with my hands, lower my head and rinse the tentacles clean, over and over. The water flows red from my mouth, the angry octopus faces staring back at me when I look into the mirror.
I rinse again and again until the water finally runs clear. I tuck the thick tentacles inside my mouth, rinse off my face and pat it dry. I look into the mirror and smile. The tentacles have folded up neatly, once again resembling pure white teeth, creating a perfect smile.

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