Tuesday, September 17, 2013

People Who Care

I have an activity ring from SimplyFun (SimplyFun.com/sloren) with tons of random questions. Sometimes I ask these questions to my son, other times my friend Kim and I take turns asking each other questions when I'm helping her at her restaurant.
A few days ago, we asked each other questions, replying with silly answers like those we may have given if we were five years old. But then Kim asked, "What's the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?"
Her husband joked, "My ex-wife filed for divorce". We all got a laugh, but I really thought about it. Lots of "nice" things came to mind. But one moment stuck.
My husband and I made a careless financial decision a couple years ago that put us in a very bad situation. It was hard to make ends meet, hard to pay the bills, hard to put food on the table. We struggled every day, argued about money, and I felt hopeless most of the time.
One night I heard a knock on my front door, which we rarely use, so I listened intently before hearing another rapid knock a few seconds later. I turned on the porch light and didn't see anyone. I looked outside. No one.
I opened the door and heard the rustle of a plastic bag. I looked down and there were two plastic grocery bags overflowing with frozen, canned and boxed foods. On top was an envelope. I looked around my porch as I opened the envelope and found a beautiful card, which reminded me that "there are people who love you." It was signed, "People Who Care."
As tears filled my eyes, I looked around again before picking up the bags, bringing them inside and emptying their contents. As I opened my bare cabinets to place the cans and boxes inside, I smiled. This act of kindness, which may have been a small act for those who performed it, was a huge act for me. Not only did it fill my child's belly, but it reminded me that no matter how rough the road, no matter how severe the pain, there is always someone who cares. And eventually, the past will be behind us. We will overcome with the help of those who love us. No matter how long, no matter how dark, no matter how cold the night, the sun will rise.
And it has. We still struggle sometimes, as I know we will throughout life. But at the end of the day, I always have people who care. And that's what really matters.
So I ask you this: what's the nicest thing YOU have ever done for someone else?

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