Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nothing Compares to a Good Reunion

My high school English teacher found me on Facebook today, and I couldn't be happier! I'm just a bit... Surprised!
After graduating college last year, I searched for her, hoping that I would be able to contact her in time to invite her to my wedding. Unfortunately, that never happened. But upon checking my Facebook today, I came across a message from my very inspirational, high school English teacher. And it feels great to get in touch with someone from my past!
Not only do I remember learning so much in her class, but I had so much fun there, too. On top of that, I'd spend my free time with her in her classroom, just talking about where we had been in life, where we were going, our wants, our dreams... Those were the times I learned the most from her, and from myself, through her.
We're planning on meeting for lunch some time, and I can't wait to see her again! To see what she's been doing since retiring, to tell her about my life since high school... To learn just as I had when the two of us would sit at her desk, just talking. I imagine it will be just as easy to talk to her now as it was then, and just as easy to learn so many new things.
What a real joy it is to be reunited with someone from your past!

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