Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Grandmother, with the Machine Gun Arm

My mom and I were shopping for baby clothes the other day, and--aside from realizing that my son has a larger wardrobe than I do, although he's still in the womb--it really made me miss my grandmother. I thought, if Gram were here, she'd have purchased the entire rack of clothing months ago. While I was a bit sad for a moment, I had to smile as I thought of all the good times I had with her, and those that we would have had if she were still here.
My grandmother was a shopaholic, bingo freak, and yard sale fanatic. When we went to yard sales, she would always tell me, "If you think you want something, pick it up before someone else does!"
Her friends actually stopped going to sales with her because she would buy all of the comforter sets, even though she already had a few dozen at home. She would buy things just because she could, and just so someone else couldn't. It was hilarious.
The way she played bingo was amazing. She asked me to go with her once and, while I slowly marked two or three of my cards, she had already dabbed her cards and finished mine.
When that woman had a credit card or a bingo dabber in her hand, she was quicker than a machine gun.
I miss my grandmother so much. Even when I think of the good times with a smile, it hurts a little because I wish she could be here to share these good times. But it's gotten easier. I know she's watching.
On July 5, it will be two years that she's been gone. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about her so much more than usual. Or maybe it's because my due date is June 28, and I'm terrified that my son will be born on the day my grandmother passed away. Is it horrible to worry about that?

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Susan said...

What great memories Sarah! If your son were born on that day, I would take it as a sign from her not to mourn her passing - because a new life is sent in her place! I'm sure she'll be sending him off when he comes. How exciting!