Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love is Like an Old Wicker Rocking Chair

My husband and I returned home from the store today, and he looked down at my old wicker rocking chair in disgust.
"We should just throw this thing out. It's falling a part."
It is falling a part. But there is no way I'm getting rid of it.
Every time I sit in it, another piece of dark brown wicker cracks. Sometimes when I rock, a piece or two will fall to the ground. But it's the most comfortable piece of furniture I own. My body fits perfectly in the seat, and my head rests just right against the back. It's the perfect companion on a cool summer night.
As I walked in the house, I thought, "My chair is a lot like love, and I haven't thrown that away!"
When you love someone, you see past their flaws, because in your eyes, they're not really flaws at all. After time, you come to realize that you wouldn't have them any other way.
It's these little flaws we come to love the most; that make us fit so perfectly together, helping us to compliment each other in order to be each other's companion.
Just like my chair.
If that little brown rocker weren't so fragile, it would be stiff, making it uncomfortable and hard for my body to shape to. One day it may give up, but so far, it hasn't let me down. Until then, I'll keep my faith in my old wicker rocker.

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