Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

Excuse my language, but I must admit, I bitch a lot. Lately my rants have been all about how people feel the need to create problems where there are none; toys and gender, women walking around topless because men do, a Catholic priest refusing to perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple... The list goes on.
My point has nothing to do with any of these topics, as I'd like to save my rants for another day. Today, I'd like to stop my bitching and list just 10 things that I am thankful for...
1. This moment. Right now, I am cuddling with my nine-month-old baby boy, who is snoring so perfectly in my ear, as my unborn daughter kicks and stretches in my belly.
2. Sebastian, my five-year-old, who makes me laugh every single day, even though he sometimes drives me crazy.
3. AC! A luxury that I am so grateful for, especially during thsee dog days of August when I am waddling around, pregnant and uncomfortable.
4. Clean water. Warm water. Cool water. Whichever I desire, I have clean, running water to drink, to bathe in.
5. A safe place to raise my children. Tragic things can happen anywhere, at any time. But my neighborhood isn't the scene of drive-by shootings or suicide bombings. Thanks be to God that I have been given this blessing that so many others are denied.
6. My job. I am not a millionaire and I am not able to stay home with my children like I'd love to do. But I have a job when so many others do not. My husband and I may struggle sometimes to make ends meet, but we do it by the grace of God, because we both have the opportunity to work.
7. Healthy food for my family to eat. It may not always be the most nutritious, but it's healthy and store-bought. I don't have to dig in a dumpster for my next meal and I can't even begin to imagine if I had to.
8. I'm able to make other people smile. I'm sure sometimes people want to tell me to shutup. But when I'm not being a huge PITA by ranting or being a hormonal pregnant woman, I make people laugh. And that makes me feel like I'm doing something right.
9. My husband is a morning person! I am not a morning person and I struggle every day to get out of bed on time. He, on the other hand, jumps up when his alarm sounds and begins his day. Because he knows I have a hard time getting a move on, he makes my coffee and brings it to me in bed; puts together lunch for me; takes the kids lunches, bags, etc. out to my car so I only have to carry the baby and my purse; wakes Sebastian and gets his breakfast ready while he dresses; and gets himself ready for work. He does all of this in an hour and it makes my day so much easier. Today he had to he to work a few hours earlier and, what do you know, I was late to work because I had to do it all on my own!
10. The amazing people in my life. My true friends, my family, my clients who are some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. I certainly couldn't get through each day without them.
God has truly blessed me and I have so much to be thankful for, but I'll leave it at this for now. What are you thankful for?

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