Friday, August 14, 2015

Describe the Light...

Writing prompt: Describe the light.
The light in my bedroom every night is cast by our video monitor, which is a truly awesome thing to have for our kids. Yet the light, for me, is a distraction. It doesn't bother my husband, who can fall asleep on command and just snores away, but I believe it's one of the reasons I can't stay asleep at night--add in the discomforts of being in the my third trimester of pregnancy and I barely sleep at all. Hence, it's almost 3am as I write this.
Now, I know I'm going to be crazy tired when my alarm goes off in a few hours and I'm going to have to force myself out of bed (my husband can also wake up and immediately get out of bed on command). But, what else can you do when you can't fall back asleep?
So, back to the light. Can I get some reader involvement with this one? I see my Facebook friends answering random questions all the time and I've had many of you tell me that you miss reading my blog when I'm not actively writing. However, I rarely see any comments, likes, etc. So, I ask you to simply, "describe the light." Interpret that as you will.

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