Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Worst Nightmare

I'm sitting in my car on top of a mountain, looking out over the town I live in. I have the top down and I'm staring into the clear horizon full of millions of bright stars. The only thing missing from the sky is the moon. There isn't a cloud in the sky, but the moon just isn't there.
A huge ball of fire crashes into the town below. Another and another. Four. Five. Flames lick the black canvas above. Smoke blocks the light of the stars.
I can't breathe. I can't think. My parents are down there sleeping. My husband. Oh my God. My baby boy.
I call my parents' phones. My husband's. Nothing. I'm going to be sick. I fumble with the door handle and finally push my car door open just before emptying my stomach.
I call my nana. Tears finally escape. I hyperventilate before I start to dry heave, nothing left in my stomach.
The town burns and am helpless, left alone to watch everyone I love die.

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