Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's Your Obsessive Compulsive Behavior?

Obsessive compulsive disorder. While I don't have to do everything 14 times or only make right hand turns when driving, there are some things that drive me slightly insane. Like crooked picture frames. My Aunt Mel's house is full of them and she knows it. I try fixing them every time I go there and she just laughs. I think she does it on purpose.
A friend of mine has to have her toilet paper and paper towel rolls with the next sheet over the roll. I've seen her switch the paper towel roll when it was done otherwise. Apparently her husband purposely puts the toilet paper on the roll "backward" just because he knows it drives her nuts.
A girl I used to work with was crazy when it came to fortune cookies. She has an entire process she has to go through. First, she has to take the cookie that's furthest away from her. After breaking the cookie in half, she has to eat half of it before reading her fortune. I reached for "her" cookie once, unaware of her cookie craziness, and thought someone was being shot when she screamed "No!" and practically lunged for it.
So what are your "OCD" habits? PLEASE SHARE!

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