Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Look Inside My Random Thoughts Part II

Pigs. Black and white pigs. Pig watering can. Ivy plant. Trellis. Morning glories. Blooms. Orlando Bloom. Pirates of the Caribbean. Vacation. Ocean. Sand. Sebastian. Lamp shade. Broken. iPhone. Blinking cursor. Ugh! Damn autocorrect!
That website is hilarious. I could read those texts for hours. And Ha! That site's great. A bit risqué, but hilarious nonetheless. Maybe we can visit that site tomorrow during "girls night."
Gotta get some wine tomorrow. Maybe a frozen harbor mist. Mmmm.
Damn. Wish I were home with a glass right now. And a good book. I really need to finish re-reading The Bridges of Madison County so I can finally start the Epilogue. Can't wait. Don't know when I'm gonna find the time though.
Shopping tomorrow, work Tuesday, picking dad up on Wednesday, NYC, Land of Make Believe, Philly, more work, car show, budget. Too much to do, too little time. Who hasn't heard that before, right?
I wonder if I'll ever get that dollar bill back that Michelle and I wrote our names on 5 or 6 years ago. She said we would. Haven't seen it yet. Saw her hubby today. Definitely have to send him a message on Facebook and make plans to get together. Might be a few months, but plans must be made! Along with Stu & Paula, Tiffany's new baby, Amanda's party...
So much to do. But ya know, I kinda like it. Always being busy with someone, doing something. And tomorrow I'll get to be busy with my little man. I missed him so much this weekend. But I know he had a good time, and I'm thankful I was able to help out at Kim's restaurant this weekend. I even got to help a family that had a son who didn't have much of an attention span. It's the little things that are so rewarding.

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