Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Drop What You're Doing and Grab That Bubble Wand!

The other night while getting ice cream with my family, I ran into a friend from high school who said, "I love reading your blog!" I laughed and said, "I haven't written anything in so long!" She replied, "Well you should, because I love your writing." So here I am. A lot of things in my life have changed recently and just like everyone else, I always have something going on. Whether it's helping a friend pick out a wedding dress a week before her wedding, drying my cell phone in a bag of rice after my three-year-old "washed" it, taking my husband to the ER because he lost a fight with a riding lawn mower... Life happens. And sometimes you forget to stop and do the things you love doing. I love being a mommy and a wife. I love reading books and watching movies. I've found a new love of planting flowers and watching them grow. And I have always loved writing. But sometimes (okay, a lot of times as you can tell based on how long it's been since my last post), I don't take enough time to do the things I really love doing. I get caught up in a pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes. Sometimes I forget that I started the washer before even putting clothes in it because the dog got sick or my son fell and bumped his head. But that's life, isn't it? Life goes on and it doesn't wait for anyone. You can't add an extra hour to the end of your day to have a glass of wine because you spent too much time in the 24 hours you were given being stressed out over whether or not you'll have enough money to pay both the electric and the cable bills. You can't press pause and make your children wait to play a game of Go Fish because you need to clean the bathtub. You figure out what's more important. Can the dishes wait to be washed until you've taught your son how to make a paper airplane? Can the laundry sit in the washer until you've had a tea party with your daughter? Can the carpet wait to be vacuumed so you can have a cup of coffee while reading a chapter in that book you can't wait to finish? Absolutely. The saying "Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today" doesn't always apply to work. It applies to life. The dishes will still be dirty in 30 minutes. The carpet will still be full of dog hair in an hour. The laundry will still need to be folded in the morning. But your children won't be young forever. And neither will you. So next time your child asks you to blow bubbles while you're carrying a load of laundry, put it down and pick up that bubble wand! The next time you pass that novel on the bookshelf as you make your way to the sink full of dirty dishes, stop and pick it up and read a chapter or two. And the next time a friend calls and tells you she reads your blog, give her something to read! You'll both be glad you did.

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