Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Look Inside My Random Thoughts

Seriously? He had to eat the entire box of shortbread cookies? Nice of him to think someone else might have wanted one. I really need sugar.
I should bring those grapes with me tonight so we can eat them before they go bad. He should have eaten them instead of all the damn cookies. Like he ate the entire container of strawberries.
I want to go to a water park Easier if I had contacts though. Land of Make Believe will be fun. Have to wait for dad to come home. His 5:30am flight back to Colorado is gonna be great. Gotta leave home at 2am. Good times.
Enclosed water slides freak me out. I was so excited. I'm in it. It's dark. There's water. No way out. How long is this damn slide? Will I know it's the end? Is this Hell? I see the light! It's over! Thank God!!
Maybe I'll throw everything on my dresser in the garbage. I have no idea what's even on it anymore so I probably won't miss anything.
Damn. I used the chicken. No chicken corn chowder for dinner I guess. It's Tuesday. Antique Road Show at Weis. I am not going there today. But I do need milk. I'll send Kev for it.
I wonder if the guy who plays Barney the Dinosaur really enjoys his job. I hope for his sake he doesn't hate his life and live alone in his mom's basement. I'm Googling him.
I should Google my name again. Hopefully the comment from someone's Xanga page in high school is no longer the first thing to show. How nice that was for strangers to see.
I really need to look into publishing my children's book.
I need more sugar.
Mmmm I wish I had Doritos and cream cheese. No wonder I can't lose weight. I probably gain it simply because I'm constantly thinking about eating.
I love food. That honey BBQ chicken wrap from PJW was de-lish.
I want something salty.

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