Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pet Peeves: What are yours?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
I was at the office today and after two minute intervals of silence, this is what I would hear. Over, and over, and over again. I was going insane, as were the other girls at work. Turns out it was a computer battery backup that wouldn't shutt off.
The morning beeping gave me the idea for today's post, which is light and fun: little things that drive us absolutely insane. For this post, I would love to see your additions, so please comment below!

I Hate When...
-you wave or smile to someone and they don't return the gesture... You're life is not that bad.
-people drive in the rain, fog, dark, etc. without their headlights on... Hello, I can't see you!
-people chew with their mouths open
-people yell "Huh?!" when they didn't hear what you said
-another woman your age calls you (or your husband!) hun... Seriously?
-someone comes right out and asks you if you're pregnant... Rude much?
-someone cuts you off in traffic, then proceeds to give you the finger as if you've done something to them
-the person driving behind you tailgates you because the person in front of you is driving slow... I can only go as fast as the person in front of me, buddy!
-people say "Davit." There's a "D" at the end; not a "T."
-people ask you for your opinion, then contradict it. Why ask me?
-people interrupt you!
-you come inside sopping wet like a drowned rat and someone asks, "Is it raining?" No! I decided to jump in the pool, fully clothed, and carrying all of my groceries.
-people end their questions with "then?" Like, "Can I get you another beer, then?" When? I want my beer now, not "then."
-someone walks into a room, knows nothing about your conversation and asks, "Where was this?" Not only is it annoying, but rather rude.
-I worked as a cashier and people would hand me crumbled up bills... How hard is it for you to nicely hand me an unfolded dollar bill?
-people slam into you as they pass without saying "Excuse me."

...And the list continues!


Anonymous said...

I have tons of them!! The one I deal with daily, though, is people in the left lane that are not passing anyone! If u are not passing anyone...Move Over!!! It's really not that hard

Anonymous said...

You explain something or express an opinion and someone says "what you mean is..." and they are not even close. !?!

Anonymous said...

You finally freak out because you have been interrupted for UMPTEENTH time. You get an apology but they go on with a new conversation like they dont even care about what you had to say in the first place!

Anonymous said...

People you have a mutual dislike for act like you are a long lost friend when they are feeling out of place or want to act like they are friends with everyone.

Anonymous said...

The sleazy waitress who flirts with your husband but never makes eye contact with you.

Paula said...

Wow! I have a lot of pet peeves...
*gum cracking
*when someone kicks your chair
*bratty kids
*people with no manners
*when someone rolls their eyes at me because I don't speak spanish...hello this is America!
*dirt under fingernails
*when my food order is wrong
*when women wear sandals and don't get a pedicure
*body and facial hair
*....the list keeps going

Anonymous said...

I hate it when there's no candy