Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little Something to Think About

"I feel like God has taken my family away from me."
That's what someone said after being told that he would spend the rest of his life in prison. To this day, he has yet to take responsibility for his own actions. Instead, he blames God.
Why is it so easy for some people to blame God for their misfortunes and their own mistakes, but so hard for them to be thankful for what He has given them? Why is it that people can not admit that they were wrong and ask for forgiveness?When in a crisis, is it not easier to turn to God and seek help than it is to blame him for a situation's outcome?
Our parents raise us and teach us things that will help us to lead good lives. When they send us off on our own, they hope that we will take their advice with us and become productive, happy adults. But we all make mistakes. So is it my mom's fault if I spend too much money on going out to eat? Is it my dad's fault if my engine seizes up because I was too lazy to check my oil? If I steal someone's car because I need a way to get home, is it my parents' fault because they would not give me a ride?
God sends us into this world with the power to make our own choices. When an opportunity arises to do good, we should thank Him. Instead, we take it for granted, only to blame Him for our mistakes and condemn Him for not giving enough.

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