Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is it about Chinese Water Torture?

As usual when I have a mental block, I surf the net in hopes of getting an idea. Well, I was reading a blog on The Junk Drawer about annoying ice cream truck music and I thought about something that annoyed me the other day...

There's a show on the Discovery Channel that I'm sure you've seen--Myth Busters. Well, I was watching it one night and they were doing an experimnent with Chinese water torture. They tested it out with two of the cast members. One was strapped in and the other was not. Well, the guy who was not strapped in had to pee quite badly. The girl who was strapped in began to cry after a while and wanted to be unfastened from her seat. Although I am an irritable person, I thought this was nuts. I've always wondered how something like this could drive you literally insane... and then it hit me--literally.

The other day, I was doing something with the faucets in my tub and the water from the shower head kept dripping on my head. I'm not sure why, but after three drips, I wanted to freak out. After just three small drops, the water had driven me nuts. I was alone in the bathroom and I stood up, huffing and puffing, with no hope of a brighter day. I was mad, furious, pissed off, as if someone had done something to make me angry. So... I'm not sure what it is about dripping water, but if I had been on Myth Busters for the mentioned episode, I would have been the one to freak out--strapped in or not!


Annie said...

Hi Sarah!
Thanks for passing by my blog and offering your thoughts. Time DOES fly! You'll see! I am with you on the water drops. Just came in from picking up a box my dogs chewed up. Rain drops were plopping at an alarmingly slow rate to the point, I had to shake my head and walk around! I don't like it either. Doesn't "hurt" but it would sure make me say anything necessary for it to stop! Nice to meet you! Keep writing. You're doing a fine job.

bashh said...

seriously, i think id freak out if that ever happened to me!

havent seen you in a few days and it makes my heart frown. =(

TORI said...

you need to have more good days ma'am. you know, the kind i occasionally have that your try to ruin ;)