Monday, February 2, 2009

Which Super Bowl Commercial was your Favorite?

In America, the Super Bowl is a national holiday. There's football, food, beer and... Commercials! Here's My Top 10 list of this year's best SuperBowl commercials, in no particular order. For a total of 11, I added one more: This year's Worst Super Bowl commercial.

My Top 10

Career Builder: It's Time

Doritos: Lucky Day

Doritos: Crystal Ball

Pepsi Max: I'm Good

Bud Light: Meeting

Pepsi: Forever Young

Coca Cola: Bugs Life

Sobe: NFL Ballerinas

Bridgestone: Potato Heads Box of Flowers

This Year's Worst--Pepsi: MacGruber

I think this was the stupidest Super Bowl commercial I have ever seen. As soon as it came on, it reminded me of one of those "Not another... (Teen, Scary, etc.) Movie" films. I thought it was pointless and it almost seemed to be making fun of Pepsi. Some companies want to make consumers think that, by buying their product, you will gain some sort of power: sex appeal, money, happiness, etc. With this commercial, Pepsi seemed to say: "If you drink Pepsi, you will lose all common sense. Enjoy!"

Which commercials do you think are the most memorable (funniest, best, worst)? Leave your comments with links to your favorite commercials and take the Super Bowl Commercial Poll before it closes!
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Oh and, congratulations, Steelers & steelers fans!

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