Thursday, February 19, 2009

Memo: It's Foggy Out There

For those of you who didn't notice, it was extremely foggy this morning. When it's foggy, it's extremely hard to see things within a few feet in front of you. Therefore, if you don't have your lights on, the person behind you can't see you until you step on your break. The person in front of you can't see you until they are passing you. At this point, I'm afraid it may be too light to avoid an "accident."

I've written about this before because it really irks me when people don't turn their lights on when they should. At this point, it should just be mandatory that cars are made with lights that automatically turn on when the car is started; because apparently, people still don't know how to turn their lights on themselves.

On my way to school this morning, I saw flares in the road ahead of me. Surprise, surprise: there was a car accident. I didn't see it, so I can't tell you if the people involved had their lights on or not. But the point is, fog makes it hard to see others as it is. And to make it worse, there are still people who lack the common sense to turn on their lights.

Because of the accident, I had to turn onto a road that would take me into the opposite direction of where I was going. I knew how to get to my school from here, but I also knew that there was another road off of this one that would be quicker. But I didn't know which road it was. So I put the speaker phone on, call my fiance & find out. But with the fog, I didn't see the road until I was on top of it. So I passed it. Why? Because I knew there was someone behind me; I just couldn't tell how close they were because, you guessed it... they didn't have their lights on!

By the time I got to school, I was late because I had to drive slow and take a detour. But I can say that I used my lights, so I know other people saw me. I just wish they would have been as courteous.

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Ashley said...

i had my headlights on today.
and they when it started snowing and got cold out, my high beams went on. =P