Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Give me a JP Already!

So my fiance Kevin and I got engaged in October 2007. We also started dating in October, three years prior. So naturally, we set the date for October '09 because I wanted to finish school first. But then, this past Wednesday... my mom and I talked about where we wanted to have the wedding and she kept on talking about this outdoor place she had been to that was really nice, blah, blah, blah. So we changed the date. To June 6. Yes, this June 6. And I. am going. Crazy!

Now, I know we could have made it for July or August. But I'm picky. October is nice because that's when all of our other firsts occured. But a summer wedding does sound so nice and I don't want it to be too hot outside. The beginning of June is warm enough to have the ceremony outside without everyone ripping their clothes of (usually. So let's hope for good news with all this glabal warming crap). Also, we did start dating on the 6th. And the 6th of June is on a Saturday. So it works. Another reason why we planned for October was because that would give us a two-year engagement--something that I really wanted. I love him to death, but we are both young and we wanted to make sure that we were making the right decision at the right time. And we are. So June is good! But it's also soon. And boy, do I have some planning to do. And road blocks? Yeah, they've already shown up.

First of all, the place that convinced me to change my mind in the first place: way expensive. Both my and Kevin's families are laid-back people who like to have fun and be ourselves. Although I like a bit of classiness, I know our families will not be comfortable in a stuck up atmosphere. So this place was perfect. There's a gorgeous lake and huge, covered patios. But there are also volleyball nets, row boats and an indoor swimming pool. So, while I'm off on the patio dancing and mingling, my guests can have fun doing things I know they like to do. However... not only do you have to pay for the place itself (for six hours), but you have to pay for use of the lake, pool and boats. Now, I'm not sure if all of my guests would have made use of everything at this location, but I wanted the options to be available. If they're not... what's the point? So we're back to searching. Ugh!

Speaking of searching... when I first started looking for dresses (yes, before I was even engaged!), I fell in love with one dress in particular. For the past year and a half that I've continued to look, the dress was still available online and in the store. So, I went online today to save more dresses to my favorites for my appointement next Sunday and, what do you know? The dress I want--my dress--is no longer available in stores. It's still available online but... what if it doesn't look good on me? How do I know which size to order? So once again, we're back to searching. Ugh!

And the guest list? Oh, wow. "Should we invite her?" "I'm not inviting him!" "I haven't talked to them in years." "I really don't care for them, but..." "Well, we really should..." "Who are we forgetting?" "We're gonna have to narrow it down." Oh. my. God!

Speaking of narrowing it down... I have a great group of girls that I love to death & I would absolutely love to ask all of them to be my bridesmaids. But I can't. First of all, I don't want to have a huge wedding, with a bridal party of 20. Second, Kevin has great friends, but only a few of them are close enough and reliable enough to be groomsmen. So we decided on one bridesmaid, one groomsemen, a flower girl and a ring bearer. Simple enough! But it still stinks...

Overall, I am excited. I can't wait to go to the Bridal shop next Sunday & try dresses on & pick a dress out for my sister & the flower girl! But it is definately a lot of work. Thank God I have my mom and my friends to help me with ideas and planning because I don't know where I'd be... Wait, yes I do: in the court house parking lot, begging for two strangers to act as our witnesses!

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