Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"American Idol" & Joanna Pacitti: Fakes?

There are some angry "American Idol" fans out there. Joanna Pacitti, one of this season's "Idol" contestants, has already had record deals. Her CDs are available to buy on a few of her many MySpace pages. So why has she been permitted to compete on "Idol?" Some say "why not?" while others don't think it's fair. I'm one of them.

She can sing and she's got the looks. But she's already had a record deal. She was hired to be in a Broadway show. These facts can be found all over the internet. So why is she there? She needs another chance to get another record deal? What if Britney Spears wasn't asked to sign another contract? Could she compete in American Idol? Probably not, but what's the difference?

There is a rumor going around...
Was Pacitti hired by American Idol to cause drama on the show, only to be voted off without a chance at winning?

I'm pretty angry to begin with because I don't think that this girl should be allowed to compete for a record deal if she's already had one! But if it's true that "Idol" is paying people to make the show interesting, that's a whole different story. An absolutely rediculous one! That would mean that truly talented people are losing their chance to win something that they actually care about. People go on "American Idol" because they love to sing and they want to make it. And now there's a possibility that they're getting cut because of people like this? That's crazy! I understand that all shows do things for ratings--perhaps the reason why there are some rediculous "first" auditions (they have to go through a few auditions before reaching Paula, Kara, Simon & Randy). But to pay people and take away a spot of a talented, aspiring artist who could have had a chance at winning? Again, that's just rediculous! If this turns out to be true, you can be sure that "American Idol" will lose me as a viewer and a fan!

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Anonymous said...

i agree, it's not fair. why should she get another chance to be famous when she failed to make herself know to the public the first time. Sure she has CD's and a music video, but how many people can say they have actually heard of her before? who's to say it wont happen again..another american idol season wasted.

Dan Oberman said...

Idol's a joke now, It's all probably rigged, the wrong person always wins, IDOL probably did set up Pacitti, on purpose, kind of how they screwed over Jennifer Hudson and Daughtry in previous seasons, honestly, most Americans have stopped caring about Idol. We get it, they can sing. We get it. Simon only pretends to hate the world. We get it., Paula's too nice. Honestly, I think they should cancel IDOL and turn 24 into 48 to fill the time slot. 24 and house are the only thing worth watching on fox now.