Monday, February 16, 2009

Dresses, Dinner & a Urinal

Yesterday was the big day for me & my bridesmaids--& my mom, too! We all headed to David's to try on dresses and although I found the perfect one, I was having so much fun "playing dress up" that I didn't want to leave! The girls tried on our four favorites, but we all decided on the best one, which was my favorite to begin with, so it worked out for the best! So surprisingly, everything went smoothly yesterday & I found my perfect dress! (I have pictures, but if the groom would come across them, I'd have to go buy a new dress!)

And there were a few things that kept us laughing! There was a middle-aged woman next to us who was trying on see through prom-like dresses. We found out she was planning to wear it to her son's wedding! I'm pretty sure her future daughter-in-law is going to want to jump off the alter & rip that dress right off of her.
There was another girl on the other side of us. She was 17, pregnant and getting married. If she said "Well, I am pregnant" once, she said it 50 times. We were all going a little crazy from that, but otherwise, we all had a good time!

After we all decided on dresses, it was definitely time to eat! Once we got there, I went off to the bathroom. When I walked in, I saw that there was only one stall, which was handicap accessible. I found this strange because I've been to this restaurant several times in the past and it never looked like that. Well, I turned to look around and what did I see? A urinal. Yes, I had walked in to the little boy's room. Thank God no one was in there and that no one took notice of what I had done... or so I hoped!
So here's today's tip: If you're a lady, make sure the stick figure is wearing a dress!


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Anonymous said...

ahahaha OMG that is halarious. you def learned a good lesson!!