Monday, February 16, 2009

Bridal Party Picture!

Sooo I have a "picture" of the bridal party! My mom is on the far left in capri and dad is on the far right. I'm not sure if the flowergirl will be wearing that exact dress, but I think it's growing on me (only because there's not a dress that matches mine perfectly!). I don't think Kevin & the ringbearer's tuxes will have black in them, but there are only so many options online. Anyway, they will be white with apple ties & vests, but the best man and the groomsmen will all be wearing black and apple. Other than that, everything is pretty much right, except that there will be five bridesmaids & five groomsmen. Oh and, of course my dress will be a surprise! But, as pictured below, I will be there!
Leave your comments & let me know what you think! Thanks!

Photo Credit: & Peggy Impeciati


Anonymous said...

personally .. we look hot! =) hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

oh yeah ... and its carla tate ... considering i didnt write my name. haha

Sarah said...

that is sooo funny! haha!