Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Moving Conversation Between Pen Pals

Hello Sarah!!!!! I have been late to write but not late sending love and prayers. I too relish being pen pals. Didn’t know young folks like you still call it that ;). Brobber Bill had a setback last week when they installed the port for chemotherapy. He ended up aspirating and was on life support for 24 hours kept in a medically induced coma. Crazy scary. His 19 year old daughter Katie has been here for a visit (his request and my joy). It’s been an emotional ride and I cherish every moment of it. Just spoke with Bill this morning who remains in a spirit of hope… finding the good in the recent emergency…. “They gave me blood transfusions and steroids and actually I feel stronger than I did before… and therefore more prepared for the chemotherapy” God bless him and all that are praying for him… thank YOU! Katie and I traveled to Virginia to spend time with Mom before she goes into an Assisted Living next month … the time…well, a gift. While she has fear about her transition she is accepting and aware it is the best next step. So grateful… but sad too about her coming to the last chapter… truly none of know when that is but with old age it is a given. Katie flies home tomorrow. I hope her visit leaves her in a position of hope and possibility. “I am too young to deal with mortality”… yes indeed. It’s exhausting to grow up even at my “advanced age”. Hope you are doing well and loving every day with that wonderful family of yours. Enjoy the sunshine! Love, Mary
Wow... life is amazing, isn't it? I continue to pray for your brother and his loved ones, including you! If your family is anything like you, I know you will all be just fine!! It's hard to accept getting older and eventually losing ones you love, especially when those you lose aren't old at all. My father's cousin just passed away last week and he was only in his 40s. A vein in his heart burst and he was shocked back to life about 7 times on the way to the hospital. By the time the doctors fixed his heart, his brain was too damaged and they said he wouldn't come out of the coma. As hard as it was for his parents and siblings, his quick death seemed to be a blessing in disguise, as the doctors learned that he had brain cancer that day, as well... So here I am, home with my son during the day and soaking up every minute of it!! It's a really hard financial struggle for us, but being with my son and sharing these precious moments with him are what really matter. Hell, neither of us are "old" by any standards, but time sure has flown by quickly. He's three years old already and before I know it, he'll be in school. I will NEVER get this time back. And if there's one thing I would regret more than anything else, it would be missing out on the time I have with my child. I can make money later. Time doesn't slow down and it doesn't wait. Sebastian was born 6 weeks early and could barely keep himself warm, let alone eat on his own... And now, just the little things make me smile because he is smart, healthy... perfect! I watched him eat a bowl of cereal today and smiled... There are so many children who will never be able to feed themselves... So many children who will always be dependent on their parents... children who will always be... children. I thank God every day that my son and my family are healthy. That we're able to use our limbs and our senses... So yes, there are times when my bank account is overdrawn and I don't have any savings for emergencies (although I did just revamp by already-too-strict budget lol)... there are times when I'd like to order a pizza rather than eating left over spaghetti... but that can wait. My son can't. When my time comes and God calls me home, I won't be able to take money with me anyway. But what I can do is leave something behind. Memories. Memories that my son will be able to hold on to forever. And THAT'S what truly matters. Hmmm... I just may have to post this email on my blog... which is kind of similar to the last one I posted, but that's ok. :) This was nice. Getting all this out. Sometimes I do feel bad that we don't have extra money and I need to remind myself that the choice I made is the right one. Thanks for listening. :) SO!!! I will continue to pray for you, your brother, his daughter, your family!!! And if you ever do get on Facebook, be sure to like these two pages: 56 Sarah Street and Together We Pray. Oh, and look me up, too ;) PS: You'll be happy to know that.... I PLANTED FLOWERS! Boy, do I LOVE watching them grow! The first thing I do every morning when I get up is walk outside and see how many morning glory blooms I have. It really is beautiful. :) OK!! I'm done "talking" your ear off! Can't wait to hear back from you :) S <3

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