Sunday, November 18, 2012

My New Addiction: Tricky Trays!

I may be behind the times, but I went to my very first tricky tray on Friday and I must say: I can not wait to go again. I had fun, won prizes and helped benefit an awesome non-profit organization.
I originally planned on going to the event with a friend of mine, but it ended up being postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. So my husband, Kevin, and I took the opportunity to have a date night. My mom and dad took our son, Sebastian, for the evening and off my hubby and I went.
Now, my husband didn't want to go to this fundraiser to begin with, which is why I had planned on going with a friend. But because she couldn't make it to the newly chosen date, I dragged (I hate that word) my husband along. It turns out we both had a lot of fun.
We browsed the tables littered with gift baskets and jewelry, toys and appliances, throwing our ticket stubs into cups next to each item we just "had" to have. We discussed which items our son would love as we each tossed ticket after ticket into cups next to Bob the Builder (Sebastian's current favorite) toys, train museum gift certificates and a candy-filled Thanksgiving pinata. We saw gifts that reminded us of What's-Her-Face and So-and-So, giving us ideas about what Christmas gifts to buy for whom.
After we ran out of tickets (of course I sent hubby for more... twice!), Kevin and I were able to sit and enjoy coffee and tea, hot dogs, desserts and other goodies with those in attendance. We met some new people and I even met a couple of people whom I work with for the first time, as we mostly communicate via email and telephone.
My husband and I were able to spend time together doing something that we had never done before. While tricky trays may not be as thrilling as sky diving or bungee jumping, they are exciting, especially if you have never been to one before. It adds some fun to date night, as it's not the same old dinner and a movie or bar scene. And you can win things!
You never know what you're going to find at a tricky tray. On Friday, there were baskets of hair supplies, candles, baking goodies, toys, crafts, greeting cards and more. There were gift certificates to museums, theaters and restaurants. Still other tables were loaded with electronics, collectibles, celebrity-autographed memorabilia. The list goes on.
When the time came for the announcer to call the winners' names, the anticipation and excitement filled the room. Those around us had clappers and light up toys so they could really make it known if they won. And did they ever. While Kevin and I simply raised our hands when we won, others could be heard in the next county. I knew that these women were definitely experienced tricky tray goers.
After all was said and done, Kevin and I walked away with a Swedish Raclette grill (so awesome! I will definitely be doing a review), bubble bath gift basket, "As Seen On Tv" gift basket, and a gift certificate for a men's haircut--not too shabby for first timers who never win anything!
But the best part of all was knowing that all of the prizes had been donated and the hundreds of people in attendance had just helped an amazing cause: Haven of Hope for Kids ( Check back for details about this nonprofit, as I will be writing about it in detail. Anyone with children who have a life threatening illness must know about this organization, so if that's you or someone you know, stay tuned.
Until then, go check out a tricky tray; you won't be disappointed!

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