Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a Bit About My Baby Shower!

My mom threw me a baby shower today and everything turned out so nice that I thought I'd share!
Mom handmade everything from the invitations--blue onesies that open & close--to the diaper cake centerpieces, along with the mini favors--candy-filled napkin diapers! She had a "clothes line" set up for all the guests to write a little something for us on onesy-shaped paper and hang up with mini clothes pins. Everything was so nice!
The games were so much fun, from baby bottles races to "winner takes 'All'." For the races, every table chose one person to be "it." By this time, my husband Kevin arrived, so of course, he was designated, as well. Each person recieved a baby bottle with equal amounts of juice; the first person to finish drinking was the winner. That game had everyone laughing!
In "Winner takes 'All'," everyone passed around a baby bottle bank and threw in their loose change. Then, everyone had a chance to guess how much money there was all together. After I counted the money, whoever was closest was crowned the winner, who would "take 'All'." Besides my mom, no one knew that "all" was the brand of the laundry detergent the winner would recieve, and that the change-filled bank was meant for the baby!
After more games and more laughs, I opened gifts and took pictures with my handmade, ribbon and bow, paper plate bonnet. We all had cake after our mac and cheese (my favorite!) and sloppy joe lunch; everything was so yummy!
Now, books, toys, clothes, diapers, and blue, blue, blue! fill the baby's room. Although it's a lot to sort through, I'm extremely excited to look at everything and get the room in order--Mom and I have a date on Tuesday night to do so!


marry said...

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ellie said...

Congrads! Thats so great to hear. All the best!

he and him said...

Wow, thats so sweet. Hope you are doing well.